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Paperphone launch event at UCLA: video & photo

We had a blast launching Paperphone at the Arnold Schonberg Building at UCLA in May. Jonathan and I introduced the project. The audience participated by asking astute questions that intersected audio technology and new forms of scholarly communication. Following the three demo-presentations, the event concluded by a workshop on Paperphone led by Jonathan. I presented […]

Launch event: demo & workshop

In a couple of weeks,  Jonathan and I will join a couple of experimenters (musicology PhD student Mike D’Errico, artist James Raymond, and anthropologist Alexandra Lippman of Sound Ethnography) to demonstrate the possibilities of Paperphone. We are excited to play with our audio processing application in and outside of the expected rituals of scholarly knowledge production. […]

Releasing Paperphone 1.0

We are happy to announce the official release of Paperphone 1.0. This version comes with a menu of whopping 16 presets. The new effect presets include: Operatic, Stairwell, Walkie Talkie, Femme, Butch, Lo-fi, Auditorium, Garage, Eavesdropping, and Hypothetical. This is an addition to the original 6 presets (Megaphone, Robot, Archive, Intercom, Artifact, and Spacey) that […]

Paperphone, beta release

Jonathan and I are excited to release our first beta version of Paperphone! Paperphone is a scholarly voice playground. It is a vocal effect processor designed for scholarly papers. Designed to transform the role of the voice in scholarship, the user could apply audio effects (including distortion, reverb, echo, vocoder!, etc) to their voice during […]