Audio File Player

The Audio File Player can play audio files from your computer’s hard drive within Paperphone. Up to three files can be loaded at a time. Select file 1, 2, or 3 using the File Selector drop down menu in the upper left hand corner. Open an audio file by pressing the open button. Select a file from your hard drive and press the open button in the file dialog window. Back in Paperphone press the play button and turn up the audio file player volume. At this point you should hear your audio file. By default the file will play once and stop. If you would like the file to loop press the grey button below the play button. The audio file player is now in loop mode. Your file will loop indefinitely until you press the stop button.

Files 1, 2, and 3 can be preloaded so that during a talk you can switch between the three files using the File Selector drop down menu. Switching files will automatically stop the currently playing file.**

You can experiment with the playback speed by moving the playback speed slider. You can also play files in reverse by pressing the playback direction button. To return to the original playback speed and direction press the original button.

It is also possible to process your audio file through Paperphone’s effects. Turn the dry/wet knob in the Audio File Player window to wet. You can now experiment with applying different effects to your audio file.

*As far as we know Paperphone cannot open Mp3s on Windows machines.

** File Selector is new in version 1a and is not shown in the video tutorial.