Releasing Paperphone 1.0

We are happy to announce the official release of Paperphone 1.0. This version comes with a menu of whopping 16 presets. The new effect presets include: Operatic, Stairwell, Walkie Talkie, Femme, Butch, Lo-fi, Auditorium, Garage, Eavesdropping, and Hypothetical. This is an addition to the original 6 presets (Megaphone, Robot, Archive, Intercom, Artifact, and Spacey) that we made for the Beta version. Additionally, this version has a more convincing Pitchshift and an improved user interface with a consistent and legible color scheme.

Also, we created a site dedicated to the Paperphone project. This site serves as an information hub related to the project. Here, you can find the patch download link and explore a series of text and video tutorials. The tutorials should take you through all the steps of using Paperphone: from setup and basics to all the features including effects, effect modes, presets, recording audio, audio file player, and feedback.

We also included guidelines on composing & performing with Paperphone. This document provides conceptual prompts to inspire implementation ideas for a paper presentation and beyond (academic karaoke, noise show).

Start exploring Paperphone by watching this intro video!


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